Web OAuth2 authentication
for Cardano projects

A a single place for all account authentication in the Cardano world.

Why Avatarada?

Easy login

Login to any Cardano website using your staking key. One tap and sign in.
We also support multiple wallets.


Control data you share. Stay fully anonymous or make public only what you want to share.


Get updates about transactions, news from websites you logged in to. No sharing of personal data.


No need to create and remember passwords. No email, no phone. Keep your identity safe.

And there is more: 2FA secure login, choose which apps to share information with, receive updates on Avatarada by email or on social networks, and "purge" and "delete account" features not to leave any trace behind.

For developers

OAuth 2.0 global standard

Already familiar and easy to use technology under the hood.

Work with public data

All in convenient and easy form. No personal user data.


Send clients updates, notifications, and more.

Easy to integrate

No need to create and remember passwords.

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